Protengia® Scientific Development

The most important for Gia is scientific development which is a nourishing framework developed and based on a amino acid complex for cellular nourishing, calories-free whose origin is a non-incomplete protein sources, lactose and flavour-free and does not release unpleasant smells.

It is scientifically synthesised (approximately 100%), may be eaten directly or used to fortify virtually any kind of food and drink, it’s stability at high and low temperatures makes it suitable to blend it to get a unique fortified product.

Our products have two exclusive characteristics that make them special and different from any other scientific developments. Our technology Protengia®, that has been worldwide patented, makes our products bioassimilable and biodirectionable.

Based on these characteristics Gia has developed more than 36 products with special nutrients for all the families around the globe to substantially improve the quality of life and increase children’s, young people and people over 60’s nourishing.

Cell nourishing and functional food help to improve the cellular activity of proteins, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, fatty acids such as Omega 3, fibres and other elements that individually improve the human quality of life.