Make your dreams come true with a real chance of doing business.
 Be a Freelance Distributor GIA, this opportunity will help you to significantly increase your personal income and have the possibility to share incredible experiences with your work team and the support of a solid company while strengthening your administrative and human relations.

 ¿How can I become a member?

Our compensation plan provides the opportunity to earn a significant income. As a Freelance Distributor you will have the opportunity and commitment to be trained and have business formation for:

Direct Sales, this allows to get 20 - 40% discounts for our products.

Quick Start, every time you invite a new Freelance Distributor and such new member gets an enrolment kit you will earn the applicable bonus for such kit.


  • Discounts on products
  • Access to business development tools
  • Access to training programmes
  • A wide market to exploit 
  • Extra income

¡Let’s make good things happen!


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