Let’s make good things happen

More than a company, Gialive is a project that allows us to make our most ambitious dream come true on a road to develop all our business abilities to make good things happen and help the people in need and ourselves. For Gialive it is important to protect the environment and we believe that our potential will lead us to the highest level in nature. "Our dreams are always the main impetus, if we gave up, we would be left to our own essence".


To be ranked as one of the 10 principal worldwide pharmaceutical and functional food companies achieved through research, innovation, and the use of high technology to offer high quality products and protecting the environment.


 To develop and share functional food, nourishing products, orthomolecular elements and grooming products to improve people’s quality of life promoting their health, human relations, economy and knowledge based on science and research always seeking a healthy world and protecting the nature.


We are a company with steady growth formed by people and products that make good things happen with effort and commitment through nourishing.


  • Productivity 
  • Responsibility
  • Respect
  • Loyalty
  • Team work
  • Honesty
  • Commitment

Policy of Quality

GIA is committed to design, make and trade food meeting all the standards of quality, assurance and safety, and constant efficacy in our integrated management system to meet all needs of the customers, personnel, shareholders and any other third party involved.